The IDIS 110 Exemption Exam

What you need to know before coming to the exam

What should I bring to the exam?
You will need to bring your photo ID. Please be on time; the exam will begin promptly.Because the exam is held entirely in Moodle, you do not need to bring any materials to your exam session. Please do not bring cell phones, pagers, or other portable communication devices: the exam does not require their use, and they are an inconsiderate disruption.
Before coming to the exam, make sure you have activated your Moodle and Novell accounts. The proctor cannot provide assistance with this, and you will not be able to log in to the lab computer or access the exam. Activate your account here (note that you may have to register for classes first).

How can I prepare for the exam?
Visit the preparation page. Also be sure that you know the difference between saving and submitting an assignment in Moodle: exam components that are saved but not submitted will receive zero points.

What happens if I pass?
All test-takers should be notified of their results via e-mail within a week of the exam. The Registrar's office will be informed of those who have passed the exam and will issue an exemption; no course credit will be given.

I'm currently enrolled to take IDIS 110 during the second half-semester of Spring 2011. If I pass, do I need to drop the class?
No. The Registrar's office will drop you automatically.
N. B.: Are you receiving financial aid? Or are you attending Calvin on a student visa? If so, because passing this exam means your course load this semester will drop by one credit, in some cases your financial aid or student visa eligibility could be adversely affected. Be sure to investigate this before you take the exam.

What if I need additional time or another accommodation?
Given at least 2 days' advance notice, we will be happy to provide special arrangements for test-takers who have the necessary documentation from Student Academic Services.

I took the exam before but did not pass; do I have to retake the entire exam and pay the whole $25.00?

Additional questions may be sent to the FIT assistant coordinator.

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