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Writing Resources

General Writing Guides

Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) (the best all-around online source of writing advice, including guides to genres of academic writing, writing in different subject areas, style and grammar guides, and citation style guides.)

The University of Victoria's Hypertext Writer's Guide (a comprehensive website geared towards students of literature, but valuable for all disciplines)

University of Toronto (a wide-raging site; these resources are of special note)

PDF advice guides on a wide range specific writing and grammar topics

Online Resources for Students of English as a Second Language

UW-Madison Writer's Handbook

Guides to selected writing topics

Planning and organizing a paper
Writing in different genres and disciplines

“Writing a research article: advice to beginners”

Writing science laboratory reports

How to Get Beyond the Block Quotation

Source citation

Style and grammar

Concise proofreading guides

Ten Commandments of Correct Writing (Kate van Liere, Calvin College)

The Twenty Most Common Errors (Andrew Lunsford, The Everyday Writer)

Grammar tutorials and quizzes

University of Calgary, “The Basic Elements of English Grammar Guide”

Edufind complete guide to English grammar

American Copy Editors’ Society Grammar Quizzes

HyperGrammar (University of Ottawa Writing Center) (under construction)

Grammar and vocabulary exercises for ESL students

Other resources

Jack Lynch’s Guide to Grammar and Style

William Strunk, The Elements of Style (1918) (Hypertext version of the classic style guide. This has been revised multiple times and is now in print as William Strunk and E.B. White, The Elements of Style. It’s best to buy a recent edition, but if you don’t know the work yet, this free preview is valuable.)


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