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About the Rhetoric Center

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We are students and writers who share a common passion for excellent communication and student development. Around here, we're known as consultants. At the Rhetoric Center, we provide helpful feedback for writers, speakers, and artists in their academic and creative endeavors. We also have bright characteristics that make visits to the Rhetoric Center new and dynamic. Take a look at our short blurbs below.


Trent HeilleTrent Heille

Philosophy | Literature

Philosopher, reader, poet, musician. Trent loves his life and writing only the truest words about it. Sometimes he sings about his experiences, and sometimes he thinks about them. Therefore, Trent is really good at his job.


Anneke WalhoutAnneke Walhout


Amateur photographer, writer, and wannabe guitar player. Although Michigan is home, she suffers from wanderlust and is happiest with a plane ticket and passport in her hands. Her recent excursion to Hungary has left her hopelessly disoriented.


Greg KimGreg Kim

International Relations | History

Greg hates knitting, bats, and mice, but loves a good biography and a fast-paced game of football (the proper name for soccer). He enjoys cooking—spicy food especially, and he never follows the recipes. Greg loves developing and organizing efficient strategies for writing papers. Greg grew up in Uganda where he fished often in Lake Victoria.


Zion LeeZion Lee

Chemical Engineering | Biochemistry

Zion enjoys learning how to play new instruments and speak new languages (currently he's learning Amharic). He loves spending time in nature and is always ready for a new adventure, but he still appreciates a good one-on-one conversation. He likes meeting clients and hearing their fresh ideas about life.


Destiny NoblesDestiny Nobles

International Development | Social Work

Destiny leads a relatively boring life. She once spent four months backpacking and kayaking in Thailand. But now, Destiny enjoys a quiet existence on the couch with her laptop and a Netflix subscription. Occasionally, she enjoys reading, spending time with her housemates, and planning her next trip around the world. At just under 5', she may be tiny, but remember, great things come in small packages.


Julia LaPlacaJulia LaPlaca

Art History | Literature

Julia! This chick loves to rhapsodize. She is a Jane Austen-phile and is an ardent follower of British television. She loves murder mysteries and good conversation. Any day, she would love to explore the creative process in writing. She has her passport ready in case she needs to run off to Europe, where she’s never been but wants to go.


Jack Van AllsburgJack Van Allsburg

Psychology | Writing | Business

Listens to far too much music and watches far too many movies. He will try to convince you that Kanye West is the most important artist currently making music. He enjoys photography and good design.


Rachel ScheenstraRachel Scheenstra


Rachel is fun loving and energetic. She has a passion for nursing and the human body. She enjoys playing sports, hanging out with friends, taking tea and cooking. She especially loves working on literary analysis and religion papers.


Sarah JohnsonSarah Johnson


Sarah is fun and a little nutty. She enjoys music (especially bluegrass and good country), reading, writing, and almost any type of dance. She takes pleasure in helping others put the finishing touches on their literary work!


Emmanuel GyimahEmmanuel Gyimah

Biology | French

Emmanuel enjoys singing show tunes in the shower. He wears scary glasses, but he’s actually kind of goofy. He likes to sleep and to talk. When he isn’t doing one (or both) of those activities, he’s reading Mary Higgins Clark – his favorite mystery novelist. He also loves solitude and vampires. Emmanuel is from Accra, Ghana.


Jules LudemaJules Ludema

Organizational Communications

Avid knitter, explorer, and star-gazer. She is happiest around large bodies of water. She likes nerds, both in candy and men.