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Rhetoric Across the Curriculum

To think and to argue well, and to express oneself clearly and persuasively, are essential to every academic discipline and to public and professional life. Calvin students learn to write, speak, and argue well, not simply as technical skills, but as integral parts of their liberal arts education. Good writing is inseparable from critical thinking, and both kinds of skills are best developed progressively over the course of a deep and diverse education, in a variety of disciplinary contexts. The Rhetoric Across the Curriculum (RAC) Program exists to help all academic departments at Calvin foster student engagement with writing, public speaking, and other forms of rhetoric, and to ensure that these rhetorical skills are an integral part of every academic program throughout the college.

The Rhetoric Center website is also currently being reorganized, but information about Rhetoric Center services and other details are now available on the new site. Check back soon for more resources.

Please contact Karen Saupe or Kate Van Liere to learn more about Rhetoric Across the Curriculum or to discuss how we might assist you and your students.

-Karen Saupe and Kate van Liere, Co-Directors, Rhetoric Across the Curriculum Program

As of Spring 2014, we are reorganizing this website to provide better support for students and faculty. The site should be complete by September 2014, so please bear with us as we make the transition. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions for what might be included on the new site, please contact Kate van Liere or Karen Saupe.