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Academics: Secondary Education Religion Major

The secondary education religion major is a ten course (30 semester hours) program designed for students who plan to teach religion in secondary schools. Secondary education religion majors must fulfill the departmental writing program requirements as stated under the religion major. Contact Prof. Thomas R. Thompson for details.

Major requirements

  • Religion 121
  • Religion 131
  • Two courses in religious studies (250, 255)
  • Interdisciplinary 234
  • One elective in biblical studies (211-214, 221-224 )
  • One elective in theological studies (230-237, 241-244, 251)
  • Two courses from Art 232, 233, Classics 231, History 231-233, Philosophy 399, Sociology 153, religion courses in biblical studies and tehological studies, or an approved interim.
  • Religion and Education seminar (357)

Additional notes: REL 357 should be taken prior to and not concurrently with the Directed Teaching semester (EDUC 346). While the Teacher Education Program will attempt to accommodate students who wish to also teach religion during their student teaching experiences, that experience must be completed primarily in each student’s state-certified major.

State certification

The State of Michigan does not recognize religion as a state-certifiable subject, but secondary education majors will receive and official endorsement from the religion department for teaching religious studies either in the Christian or public secondary school setting.