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Academics: Religion Major

Major in religion

The religion major is a 10 course major (30 semester hours) designed to give you a strong background in biblical, theological, and religious studies as preparation for various professions, including Christian ministry, and for graduate education.

Admission to the major

To be admitted to the religion major, you must have completed a core religion course with a minimum grade of C (2.0).

Requirements for the major

The following courses are required to graduate with a major in religion:

  • One course in Old Testament (211-214)
  • One course in New Testament (221-224)
  • One course in Systematic Theology (230-237, 251)
  • One course in Historical Theology (241-244)
  • One course in Religious Studies (250, 255, 352-356)
  • Three 300-level electives
  • One additional electives in religion
  • Religion Seminar (396)

Additional Notes:

  • A departmental interim course may be used as one of your elective requirements.
  • The course used to fulfill the Religious Studies requirement may not also be used as a 300-level elective.
  • Religion 121 and 131 may not be used to fulfill your major elective requirement.

The writing program for majors

As part of the departmental writing program, majors must designate one department course (excluding 121, 131, 357, or 396) prior to their senior year as writing enriched. This course will include additional writing, a revision component, intensive evaluation and will prepare the student for Religion 396.

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Explore a vocation in Christian ministry through Calvin's pre-ministry program. For example, the Jubilee Fellows program accepts twelve juniors each year to explore Christian ministry through study, a summer-long internship and community service.

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