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Faculty: Julie Yonker

Julie Yonker, Assistant Professor, Julie Yonker

Office: Science Building 380

Weekly Schedule
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Watch as Professor Yonker wins Professor of the Year 2013
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Professor Yonker teaches Introduction to Psychology, Lifespan Development, Health Psychology, Interhnships in Psychology and leads the off-campus interim, The European Influence on the HIstory of Psychology and Religion.  Prior to returning to Calvin she taught psychology courses at the University of Cincinnati.  Prof. Yonker received her B.A. from Calvin College in Biology/Chemistry and then pursued teratology research (the study of birth defects) for several years at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and Procter & Gamble.  She and her family spent nine years living, working, learning and traveling in Europe (Germany, Sweden, & Belgium).  Prof. Yonker received her Ph.D. from Stockholm University in cognitive and experimental psychology.  She completed a post-doctoral fellowship in substance abuse at the University of Cincinnati, Department of Psychiatry.  Her research interests include faith and religious development in emerging adulthood and virtue development in children and emerging adults.

Recent Awards

  • Lilly Vocation Venture Fund Grant - Understanding Christian College Students’ Perspectives on Addiction
  • Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship - The State of Religious Faith in Adolescence and Young Adults: A Review and Critique of the Research
  • Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship and the Alumni Association Grant - Christian Perspectives on Mental Illness, Alumni-Faculty Working Group
  • Templeton (subcontract) Grant - The Assessment of Intellectual Virtues
  • Templeton (subcontract) Grant - The Science of Intellectual Humility: Analytical Thinking and Belief Systems

In the News

Professor Yonker wanted to do more research after reading an article in Science entitled "Analytical Thinking Promotes Religious Disbelief." Read more

Part of the homework Professor Yonker assigns in psychology 209 is creating the life histories of older adults.

Professor Yonker spoke to the parents of the 2011 Calvin graduates at the Parent's Breakfast during Commencement weekend.

Read more about the faith and adolescence research Professor De Haan and Professor Yonker are working on.

Read more about Julie's research on cognitive aging and the Dutch Famine.

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