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Faculty: Don Tellinghuisen

Don TellinghuisenDon Tellinghuisen
Professor, Psychology

Office: Science Building 361

Weekly Schedule
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Professor Tellinghuisen teaches Introduction to Psychology (151), Fundamentals of Research and Practice (256), Cognitive Psychology (334), and Experimental Psychology (356). Prior to teaching at Calvin, he taught for seven years at Augustana College (Sioux Falls, SD). He received his PhD in human experimental psychology from the University of Iowa, specializing in research on attention and vision.  Professor Tellinghuisen was born in North Dakota, grew up in Iowa and received his BA in psychology from Northwestern College (Orange City, IA). His current research interests include attention and distractibility, individual differences in attention and the relationship between practiced religious behavior and cognition. He consistently involves student research assistants with his research work.

New Publication

Read more about Dr. Tellinghuisen's book that will be published August 2014. It is designed to accompany Introductory Psychology textbooks and classes and allow exploration of the integration of psychological concepts with the Christian faith.

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