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Experiential Learning: Internships

Internships in Psychology

If you are a junior or senior psychology major, you have the opportunity to join 10-12 other psychology students participating in an internship program each semester. Part of Psychology 380, a four semester hour course, internship placements are made in area hospitals, clinics, schools and business organizations.

Course details

In the internship course, you will work eight hours per week under the direction of an on-site supervisor. You will also participate in regular seminar meetings with other students in psychology internships. A project related to your internship will be part of your final grade. All internships are unpaid.

Course requirements

To be placed in an internship through Psychology 380, you must meet the following requirements:

  • junior or senior status
  • completion of course sequences related to the internship specialization
  • demonstrated good work in psychology courses
  • department approval of your applications
Applying to the program

If you would like to participate in Psychology 380, see the psychology department bulletin board in October and March to see internship opportunities for the following semester. This information will also be e-mailed to you.

To apply for the program, see the psychology department office for an application. You will receive notification of enrollment in the course prior to advising and course registration.

Paid and unpaid internships

Paid and unpaid internship opportunities are available in the Grand Rapids area year-round. Learn more.

Summer internship program in Chicago

You may also apply for an eight-week summer internship experience in neuropsychology at Rush Presbyterian St. Luke's Medical Center in Chicago. Although students may earn more than 4 semester hours of internship credits, only 4 semester hours can be applied toward the major.

Speak with a professor in the psychology department if you are interested in this internship opportunity.

Other internships

Learn more about other ways to apply your knowledge and gain more experience in the field of psychology.

Recent Internships

Neuropsychology, Mary Freebed Hospital: One internship involves the testing and assessment of brain-damaged patients. The other internship is a research internship, which involves analyzing data from research studies at MFB in preparation for research to prepare for publication.

Youth and Family Treatment Specialist, Wedgewood Christian Services: Work with in-patient adolescents on goals, behavioral treatment plans and on-going assessment and evaluation of progress.

Attention Deficit Disorder, Pine Rest Christian Hospital: Assist in conducting assessment and evaluation of out-patient children who may suffer from AD(H)D.

Rehabilitation, Behavioral Management, Hope Network: Work with in-patient developmentally disabled adults on treatment plans, behavior management, and life skills.

School Psychology: Assist with practicing school psychologists in assessment and evaluation of student population.

Data analysis: Assist a doctor at DeVos Children's Hospital with research involving data analysis.

Research: Assist a professor at MSU with data collection and analysis.