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Outside Resources

Resources to help you plan your career in law

LSAC logoThe Law School Admission Council (LSAC) web site provides information about the LSAT and LSDAS, official guides to American and Canadian law schools, registration for Law School Forums, publications on LSAT preparation, and several useful FAQ pages.

podcaster logo

The Law School Podcaster provides information, insight and advice on the law school admission process, including behind-the-scenes views of the admission process, post-law school jobs, and current market trends.

Univ. of Michigan logoThe University of Michigan School of Law has an excellent web site about the law school application and consideration process.

Christian Legal Society logoLaw Student Ministries of the Christian Legal Society seeks to reach the nation's law school campuses for Christ by encouraging law students to faithfully think and act, and by supporting Christian law student groups on more than 150 law school campuses and at some Christian colleges.

Top 10 Law schools graphic Professor Brian Leiter (University of Chicago School of Law) has prepared an extensive web site that rates the "Educational Quality Ranking of US Law Schools."

Natl Assn for Law Professionals logoNational Association for Law Placement (NALP) provides useful information on employment trends for law school graduates.

Gavel is a website which includes unambiguous information about attending law school, choosing a career as an attorney, and many other topics which can help you plan your future in the field of law.


llmguide logoLLMGuide provides general information about the LL.M. degree, as well as Master of Laws Programs in various countries around the world.

onlinellm logoOnLineLLM is a resource including in-depth and unbiased information about a LL.M. degree, and includes accredited Masters in Law schools on the web.

go-llm logo is a blog that provides useful tipds, background information and news on law school applications and law schools in general. provides scholarship information, LLM concentrations, a blog and several other great tools for LLM students. logo Educational requirements for becoming a lawyer or attorney in every state and jurisdiction within the United States is available at LawyerEdu.

ABA Journal logo Read the 25 greatest law novels of all time. Watch the 25 greatest law movies of all time.

Ms JD logoMs. JD is a blog that seeks to support and improve the experiences of women law students and lawyers.

Exam Focus offers detailed information about LSAT tests and free practice tests.