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MSU College of Human Medicine Early Assurance Program

MSU Early Assurance Program

Michigan State University College of Human Medicine (MSU-CHM) and Calvin College have established a cooperative program of premedical/medical education by which premedical students at Calvin College are granted an early assurance of admission to MSU-CHM through the Early Assurance Program (EAP).

This Early Assurance Program provides an enhanced opportunity for admission to medical school to Calvin College premedical students who are interested in practicing in an underserved area of medicine.  Preference for admission to the Program will be given to those who otherwise might not have access to or be familiar with the intricacies of premedical preparation and medical school application by virtue of being a first generation college student, graduating from a low income high school as defined by the United States Department of Education, being eligible for or a recipient of an undergraduate PELL grant, graduating from an underserved (health professional shortage) urban or rural area, or demonstrating interest in a high need medical specialty area.

Who Qualifies?

Calvin pre-medicine students who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Demonstrate an active interest in and knowledge of medicine through:
    1. Participation in the Calvin College Premedical Club
    2. Obtaining direct experience with the delivery of health care through volunteering, employment, and/or shadowing in medical/clinical settings.
  2. Demonstrate commitment to the service of humanity through consistent community service activities.
  3. Maintain regular contact with the Calvin College premedical advisor during their time of study at Calvin College.
  4. Meet minimum academic standards (of a 3.0 overall GPA, 3.0 science GPA, and a minimum 25 MCAT composite score, with the biological science score being equal to or greater than 8) to be considered for admission as specified in this agreement.
  5. Evidence leadership through participation in extra-curricular, academic, research, organizational, volunteer, and/or employment activities.
  6. Complete an academic major of their choice.
  7. Demonstrate the professional behavior expectations of competence, honesty, compassion, respect for others, and responsibility in their academic, clinical and volunteer experiences.

Who would get preference for admission?

  1. Students who are likely to practice in an underserved urban or rural location.
  2. Students who are first generation college students.
  3. Graduates from low income high schools.
  4. PELL grant eligible or recipients.
  5. Graduates of an underserved (health professional shortage) urban or rural area high school.
  6. Students who demonstrate interest in a high need medical specialty in a health professional shortage area.


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Learn more...

To apply to the program access application materials and contact Rich Nyhof, Calvin's pre-medical advisor.

The Pre-medical Committee will have to verify your application with Michigan State University College of Human Medicine .

You will need to register to take the Medical College Admission Test any time before May 22, 2015 (the EAP deadline for the MCAT). 

Note that the deadline for application to this program is February 18, 2015.

MSU Secchia Center College of Human Medicine

More information about applying...

EAP applicants will receive word from CHM on whether or not they are accepted before the American Medical College Application Servise (AMCAS) begins accepting regular applications. So, there is no disadvantage to applying to the EAP. The student can even apply to MSU-CHM with no prejudice from the unsuccessful EAP application.