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Getting into Professional School - Interviews


Schools may request that you come for an interview anytime, but most are conducted in late fall or early spring semester.  Prepare for your interview by reviewing a copy of your application, identifying your strengths and weaknesses, and researching the school.  

The interviewBe ready to ask good questions, give good responses and be confident, but not arrogant.  Don't worry about being a bit nervous; it is expected.  Interviewers are usually friendly and interested, but not always.  You may be asked questions to which there may not be an accepted answer, but your answer may only demonstrate your ability to think.  Remember, this is the first time that the admissions committee will have any information about you that is not on paper.  Your interview should convince the interviewer that you have the personality and presence to make an excellent physician or dentist. 

Appearance is just as important as the way you answer questions.  Conservative clothing is the rule for both sexes, and should exclude excessive jewelry, piercings in atypical, but obvious places, and displaying too much skin (e.g., sleeveless blouses).    

If you don't think your interview went well, you may contact the admissions office, or even request another interview.  Chances are, however, that you will have done better than you think.  See the pre-medical/dental advisor, Rich Nyhof, if you have any questions. 


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Did you know...

Calvin's Career Development Office offers practice interview sessions which may be recorded.  You may find this helpful to prepare you for interviews.  is another excellent resource for information about interview skills and  questions asked by medical schools, as reported by medical applicants. 

Get some tips

Read this valuable information before you go for your interview. Calvin's Pre-Medical/Dental Advisor has put this Interview Tips resource together to give you the advantage.