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Getting into Professional School - Committee Evaluation

To be evaluated by the the committee you must:

1. Complete and turn in the Committee Letter Application form to Professor Rich Nyhof, DeVries Hall 111, before you leave for the summer. If you do not know your September address, turn in the application anyway and provide your address in the fall.

2. Complete the Waiver Form, which gives you the option of waiving access to your committee letter. Although it is your right to see the letter, most medical schools will give your letter much more serious consideration if you waive your right to the letter. (Some schools will not even consider a “non-waived” letter.) This form is also due before you leave for the summer. The signed waiver form will be copied to Calvin stationary and will be the first page of your committee letter. 

3. Print four copies of the Evaluation Form and give to four Calvin faculty members (anyone who has faculty status) to be completed on your behalf. There should be at least one professor from the Science Division and at least one from another Division. Distribute these forms before you leave for the summer. Request that the recommendation be submitted to Professor Rich Nyhof, the Pre-Medical/Dental Advisor, within two weeks if possible. This way your committee letter can be prepared before you actually need it. If you think the faculty member is unfamiliar with our evaluation form and process, a letter of explanation is available.


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