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Experience - Research Fellowships

Research Outside the Classroom

Lauren Bylsma and Arlene HoogewerfAt Calvin, you won't just sit in a classroom—in addition to the research you do in your biology classes, you have the opportunity to do research outside the classroom, assisting Calvin's top-notch professors with their projects.

Recent research projects include:

  • The roles of endothelial cells on HIV infection and latency formation in resting T helper cells.
  • Researching Schistosoma mansoni, a human parasite that causes disease in Africa for which there is no developed vaccine.
  • Development and evaluation of lubricant eye drops for treatment of dry eye syndrome.
  • Investigating how bacterial vaginosis proteins may participate in degrading collagen which is involved in many biological processes including both term and pre term rupture of fetal membranes.
  • Investigation of possible neuronal function for Probsts bundles.
  • Developing a computer model of evolution of interlocking complexity in biology.
  • Characterizing Riboflavin Conjugated Nanoparticles for Targeted Drug Delivery in Cancer Therapy.
  • Characterizing the Binding Interaction of Insulin with G-Quadruplex DNA: From Single Molecule to Bulk
  • Effects of curcumin (from the spice, tumeric) on glucose uptake.
  • Activation of the glucose transport activity of GLUT1: does it form a tetramer?
  • Python-based software generation for automated MALDI-TOF-based phylogenetics and ecological analyses of
    microbial communities.
  • Lymphocyte apoptosis as an indicator of radiation sensitivity in canines.
  • The Role of Bacteriophage in Maintaining Bacterial Homeostasis in a Host-Associated System.

Summer research fellowships

Lindsay RiosA number of summer research fellowships are awarded to biology and other science division students each year. The fellowships are awarded to students after their first, second or third year at Calvin, with preference given to those interested in careers in science and/or science research.

Research involves ten weeks of work with a professor during the summer. A stipend of $3,700 is awarded, with additional funds for project supplies.


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Fellowship applications

Apply for a fellowship or learn more about summer research opportunities.

Note the summer research application deadline, mid- February.

Faculty research

Our faculty have strong research backgrounds. All of the chemistry faculty and 78% of the biology faculty have active research programs established.

Grant funding

Faculty are regularly awarded major national grants to support new research initiatives with students in chemistry and biology.