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News and Events: 2009 United Nations in New York Interim

ferry ride to statue of liberty

The UN Interim in New York provides a first hand study of major global issues and hot-spots. The heart of the course features a two week series of briefings with diplomats of member states who explain their countries perspectives on the issues and also with UN officials who explain how the UN is addressing the issues.

What stands out about the 2009 interim is that we were able to meet with the ambassadors or high ranking diplomats of Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Israel, and Palestine to get their views on the urgent issues of the region. Students students in general assembly hall
were also able to attend a special session of the General Assembly on the crisis in Gaza following the Israeli invasion. Other briefings included sessions with diplomats from China, South Korea,  
Brazil, the Philippines, and Dominican Republic on such issues as trade, development, global warming, and nuclear proliferation.

Overall, I was very pleased with the quality of the briefing sessions and especially proud of the participation of my students. Several of the diplomats commented on the well informed and insightful questions and comments of the students. For their part, students gained a deeper understanding of global issues and what the UN can do about them. This is valuable for all students, but especially for those who are considering careers in international affairs. In the end, this is why I have offered this interim for now the 12th time.

  2009 UN group  

Information on this page is related to the Jan. 2009 UN in New York interim experience.  To register for the political science January 2010 United Nations in New York interim, follow this link and go to 2010 Interim classes and then select political science or Contact Professor Robert DeVries for information on the Jan. 2010 Interim United Nations in New York

Student Comments on the 2009 UN Interim

“The United Nations interim provided an excellent educational opportunity to participate in the field of international relations, and to learn practical knowledge which could not have been found from simply reading literature on the topic. Overall the interim was extremely interesting and educational as it provided the opportunity to learn first hand how the UN functions as well as the national perspectives of countries on various issues.”

“We…met with individual ambassadors and diplomats from several different countries who helped us to see international issues from a different perspective…. (These briefings) were also specifically interesting because they showed me the extent to which perception is shaped by culture and experience.”

“Overall, the experience at the UN and in New York was not only a blast but also extremely enriching and eye opening…. I was given an appreciation for what the UN does, politically, economically, and socially. It was a chance to step outside my comfort zone and be challenged in my ideas about culture, politics, and the international community as a whole. I am thankful for the experience and hope that I can use it to enrich other people’s lives in the future.”

“The trip was great and will probably be one of my best memories of college.