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News and Events: Public Forum: N. Korea: Real & Present Danger?

On Tuesday, April 30, 2013, the political science department invited everyone to join us for an informal forum on "N. Korea: Real and Present Danger?" The event began with student presentations on: How Korea became split into two countries; The relationship of the two countries since the split; What the current situation is; and How the current situation affects other countries including the US. Following the presentations there was a panel made up of two professors, one student from South Korea and a Calvin alum recently retired from the US State Department, who shared their insight on questions and concerns submitted by students. The panel then reflected on questions from the audience. The forum took place in the DeVos Center Lobby from 3:30-5PM with refreshments to follow.  

Audience Gathers
Audience Gathers
Panelist: Prof. denDulk, Mr. Todd Huizinga, Prof. Westra and Student Greg Kim
Panelist: Prof. den Dulk, Henry Inst.Research Fellow, Mr. Huizinga, Prof. Westra & Student Greg Kim
Alicia Smit
Presenter: Student, Alicia Smit
RokDam Beek
Presenter: Student, Rok Dam Beek
Presenter: Student, Sydney Lee
Presenter: Student, Greg Kim
Questions from students
Questions from Students, Becca Bosselet and Ros Scoular