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Academics: Policy Studies and Civic Leadership Concentration

Policy Studies and Civic Leadership Concentration
(33 semester hours)

If you are interested in pursuing your vocation  by working in one of countless leadership positions in government, business, or non-profit organizations, the department offers a political science major with a policy studies and civic leadership concentration. This major is similar to the regular political science major but includes more specific course requirements and flexible cognate courses outside the department that equip students to work with and advance public policies in many different settings.

Graduation requirements

To graduate as a political science major with a concentration in policy studies and civic leadership you must take the following courses:

  • Courses required for a major in political science
  • State Politics and American Federalism (202) or Urban Politics (208)
  • Public and Non-Profit Administration (209)
  • American Public Policy (212)
  • one course from 208, 234, 237, 310, or 318
  • an internship in either state/local government (POLS 380) or Washington DC
  • Two cognate courses in one of the following categories:
  • Business/Economics: Business 160, 203, 204; Economics 151, 221, 222, 339

    Policy Perspectives: Economics 330, Geography 220, Environmental Studies 210, Social Work 360, IDIS 205, or other approved policy-focus courses

Internship experience

Political science majors, particularly those who do not anticipate pursuing either law school or some graduate program shortly after graduation, are encouraged to enroll in internship programs.

Students can complete an internship for a maximum of 6 semester hours in Internship in Politics and Government (380), as well as internships through our Washington, DC semester program. Interested students should contact the department's Internship Director, Prof. Pelz.


Information on the specifics and guidelines for graduating with honors can be found on the political science department 's honors page.