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Academics: International Cooperation and Conflict

International Cooperation and Conflict (33 semester hours)

If you are interested in exploring political, economic, and military interactions among states at a global level, the department offers an international relations major with an international cooperation and conflict concentration. Students in this concentration focus on international institutions, diplomacy, trade, conflict, and foreign economic and security policy. This concentration is ideal for students who want to pursue careers in journalism, diplomacy, trade, or foreign policy, among many other opportunities. Students graduating with this concentration will also be well prepared to pursue graduate study in political science, international relations, or foreign affairs.

Graduation requirements

To graduate as an International relations major with a concentration in comparative politics, governments, and globalization you must take the following courses:

Internship experience

International majors, particularly those who do not anticipate pursuing either law school or some graduate program shortly after graduation, are encouraged to enroll in internship programs.

Students can complete an internship for a maximum of 3 semester hours in Internship in Politics and Government (380), as well as internships through our Washington, DC semester program. Interested students should contact the department's Internship Director, Prof. Pelz.


Information on the specifics and guidelines for graduating with honors can be found on the political science department 's honors page.