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Research Opportunities: Past Research

2010 summer research

13 students participated in physics and astronomy research. Many of the projects were ongoing research conducted by faculty members and three represented interdisciplinary research. Research included:

  • Contact binary stars
    Professor Haan, Nathan Danks, Katie Shomsky: computer modeling of double ionization of atoms by visible and infrared lasers
  • The puzzling centers of galaxy clusters
  • Investigation of type and function of ion channels in duct cells of the lacrimal gland (with biology)
  • Computer model inspired by economics and biology to investigate evolution of interlocking complexity (with economics)
  • Computer controlled investigations of crystallization kinetics
  • Optical studies of lipid phase transition kinetics
  • Dynamics of asteroids
  • Investigation of possible neuronal function for Probsts bundles (with psychology)


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Previous years

See 2009 summer research.