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Research Opportunities: Past Research

Summer 2009 research

In summer 2009, 9 physics and astronomy students worked with professors on seven projects, including:

    A physics researcher

    Nathan Meyers studied lipid phase transitions with Paul Harper.
  • Andrew Harmon and Zach Smith worked with Matt Walhout to produce and study an unusal molecule, the krypton molecule.
  • Katherine Shomsky, Peter Plantinga, Tim Atallah and Zach Smith worked as a team with Stan Haan in an ongoing project in theoretical physics investigating the mechanisms by which lasers with visible or infrared wavelengths remove two electrons from atoms.
  • Luke Lesiman studied the cool cores in the spaces between galaxies with Deborah Haarsma.
  • Susan Bardolph worked with Loren Haarsma investigating type and function of ion channels in duct cells of the lacrimal gland.
  • Melissa Haegert and Larry Molnar studied the dynamics of asteroids. This project was part of an interdisciplinary project with Chris Moseley of the mathematics department.


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