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Research Opportunities

Partner with professors in their research

As a student in physics and astronomy at Calvin, you have the opportunity to experience cutting-edge research that will prepare you for your career and graduate school.

As a research assistant, you can:

  • develop a mentoring relationship with an experienced scientist
  • use specialized equipment in well-equipped research facilities
  • co-author publications and presentations in scholarly research journals with your research partners and professor

Find research positions

Summer on campus - Each summer, 5-10 paid, full-time research positions are available with physics and astronomy professors. The application process occurs in February each year. Learn more and apply for these positions through the science division.

Year-round - Physics and astronomy professors regularly employ students for research assistance throughout the year. If you are interested in doing research during the year, talk with your professors about available opportunities.

Summer off campus - Undergraduate research opportunities also exist off-campus, often at national labs or observatories. These positions offer a stipend and often a travel or housing allowance. Positions are advertised in late fall, with many applications due in January and February. Links to non-Calvin research


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To Apply

View position descriptions and submit your application through the science division. Applications wil be accepted in February. Be sure to talk with each professor you are applying to work with.

Current research

Check out 2016 research projects in the Physics & Astronomy department.

Past research

See what research students did on campus during previous summers.

Academic credit

Interested in academic credit for research? Enroll in PHYS 395 or ASTR 395 for 0–3 hours of course credit. Enroll now (doc).