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Research Opportunities: Past research

2011 summer research posters

Student summer research fellows at Calvin participate in the annual summer research poster fair, held in October.

They also prepare a synopsis (a one page summary) of their research experience, providing relevant background as well as a statement of the problem, describing the research methods, giving any results to date and indicating how the research benefitted them personally.

To see Physics students' posters and synopses (pdfs), click on the links below.

  • Kyle Bussis
    -Sugar Inclusion and Exclusion in Lipid-Water Phases
    (poster / synopsis)
  • Tony Ditta
    -Agent-based, Economic Model of Self-Organized Complexity (poster / synopsis)
  • Nathan Harkema
    -The Largest Structures in the Universe: Finding the Center (poster / synopsis)
  • Evan Jensen
    -Upgrading a Microscopy Apparatus for Phase Transition Measurements (poster / synopsis)
  • Josiah Sinclair
    -Dielectric-barrier discharges in two-dimensional lattice potentials (poster / synopsis)
  • David Sebald
    -The Largest Structures ini the Universe: Central Galaxies and Cluster Gas (poster / synopsis)
  • Sam Van Kooten
    -Asteroid Collisions (poster / synopsis)
  • Dan Van Noord
    -Contact Binary Stars--New Finds and Characterization (synopsis)
  • Christian Woolley
    -Comparison of Classical and Quantum Effects in Double Ionization (poster / synopsis)




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Science Division summer research posters

Past Physics research