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Eisinga planetarium After he had given his first planetarium to his nephew, Wildrik Botjes constructed another planetarium with some modifications and additions to his earlier design. Botjes' second planetarium is now on display at the Eise Eisinga Planetarium Museum in Franeker, Friesland, the Netherlands (about 60 miles west of Botjes' home).

Although long nonfunctional, this second planetarium was restored in 2012. See a YouTube video (in Dutch) describing the restoration. (Note the photo shown of Calvin's planetarium at 2:04.) Also see a webpage and a Facebook page about the restoration.

The premier display of the museum is the Eisinga planetarium, which was completed in 1781 and is the world's oldest working planetarium. (See also an independent website with a nice photo display of the Eisinga planetarium.) This planetarium may have played a part in Wildrik Botjes' decision to construct his planetariums.

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Written 1/21/2002 and revised 8/27/2003 and 8/29/2013 by Larry Molnar