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Astronomical Observatory: Web Forms


Image Request Form: One Filter

Use this form if your observing project involves taking only one image or a set of images all with the same filter, exposure time, and position. For instance, you could take several images of a faint object in the open filter which could be combined later to make a single more sensitive final result. For observations involving multiple filters or multiple positions, use a different form.

First Name:
Last Name:
Course password: (leave blank to generate a trial plan)

Name of your target (no spaces):
If your target is a planet or the Moon, also select it here:

Coordinates of your target in Epoch J2000:
RA: h m s        Dec: ° ' "
Each box should have two digits, e.g. "01" for 1 hour of right ascension.
(If your target is a planet or the Moon, enter its approximate RA and Dec for today's date. The correct RA and Dec will be used at the time of observation.)

Select the filter, exposure time, and binning for the image(s):

Filter: Exposure time: Binning:

How many images of the above type do you want?

Comments (optional): Indicate additional details that will be noted in the plan to communicate with the observer on duty.



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