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Astronomical Observatory: Web Forms

Image Request Form: Auto-Mosaic

Use this form if your observing project involves taking images at a two-dimensional grid of pointing positions, all in the same filter and exposure time. These images can be combined to form a wide field mosaic photograph or to search systematically for asteroids. For other types of observations, use a different form.

First Name:
Last Name:
Course password: (leave blank to generate a trial plan)

Make the following settings for all images in the mosaic:

Filter: Exposure time: Binning:

Name of target (no spaces):

Position of the center of the mosaic (J2000 coordinates):
RA: h m s        Dec: ° ' "
This form will generate several pointing positions, making a square array of fields centered at the above position.

Number of fields in RA: in Dec:
Offset between field centers in arcminutes in RA: in Dec:

How many images of each field do you want?

Comments (optional): Indicate additional details that will be noted in the plan to communicate with the observer on duty.



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