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Astr212 Galaxy Projects
Spring 2013

Each student in Astr212: Extragalactic Astrornomy and Cosmology observed a particular galaxy in a telescope and wrote a comprehensive report. Select an image below to see a bigger image, read a description of the galaxy, and learn more about the astrophysics that makes it work. (You can also page from one full report to the next with the "Forward" and "Back" arrows at the top of each full page.)

Robby Emmert
M65 Spiral Galaxy
M65 Spiral galaxy

Kathy Gibes
NGC 3184 Spiral Galaxy
NGC3184 Spiral Galaxy

Evan Jensen
Galaxy NGC 4565 "The Needle"
NGC4565 Galaxy

Hannah Pagel
IC342 Spiral Galaxy
IC345 Spiral Galaxy

Christopher Spedden
M88 Spiral Galaxy
M88 Spiral Galaxy

Elizabeth Stranzenbach
NGC4656 Galaxy NGC4656 Galaxy

Sam Van Kooten
NGC3079 Galaxy
NGC3079 Galaxy

Dan Van Noord
M81 Spiral Galaxy

M81 Spiral Galaxy


Christopher Ver Hoef
NGC2841 Spiral Galaxy
NGC2841 Spiral Galaxy




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