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Helix Galaxy (Pancake Galaxy) (NGC 2685)
Barbara Eysenbach

NGC 2685



















Classified as a peculiary galaxy the polar-ringed NGC 2685, or the Pancake Galaxy, is unusual in its size, shape, and composition. First, a polar-ring galaxy has an outer ring of gas and stars that rotates over the poles of the galaxy (Binney, Merrifield). It is speculated that it is formed with two galaxies interact with each other, or when they collide.

The Pancake Galaxy, at first glance, appears to have a football shape at an angle. It has two different rings around it, one horizontal and the other vertical which suggest that it has two orbits that are rotating around it, encircling the galaxy, making it a "pancake" of layers.It has an inner ring angeled to the left, from its axis it has another disc which encircles it. It has been called the, "the most unusual galaxy in the Shapley-Ames catalogue." (Sharpe) It is 45 million light years away from us, and 101.48 arc seconds across, it's size is 7,969,335.08 light years in size.


James Binney, Michael Merrifield (1998). Galactic Astronomy. Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press. ISBN 0-691-00402-1. <>

Nigel Sharp <>

Right Ascension (J2000) 08 56 37.10'
Declination (J2000) +58 44 00.0'
Filters used C (Clear)
Exposure time per filter C (300s x 4)
Date observed March 23, 2011 UT



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