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Global Cluster

A globular cluster is a collection of thousands of hundreds of stars that orbit a galactic core, like a satellite. They are tightly bonded by gravity which gives them their sphere like shape. Globular clusters occupy the inner regions of a galactic halo and revolve around the nucleus of galaxies in elliptical orbits. There are approximately 150 of these in the Milky Way.

This globular cluster in particular is known as NGC6229. It was first discovered in 1787 by William Herschel who had mistaken it for a planetary nebula, because of the distance. It is very dense, and quite rich compared to other globular clusters. It is also very far away which is why it was mistaken for something else, and why the resolution isn't as good as other photos. NGC6229 contains mostly orange and red stars.


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Right Ascension (N6229) 16:46:58.79
Declination (N6229) +47:31:39.9
Filters used B (Blue), R (Red), V (Green)
Exposure time per filter B, V, and R (6s)
Date observed October 26, 2012



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