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Little Dumbbell Nebula

           This is a planetary nebula, often called the Little Dumbbell nebula. It has the colors green and red mainly due to what forms a planetary nebula. Planetary Nebulas are formed when a star runs out of hydrogen and compress inwards. The extra material then extends out, as you can see the red is hydrogen that must of been on the edge of the star, and the green is oxygen. These are then lit up by the ultra violet rays emitted from the condensed core of the star NGC650

         The approximate diameter of the Little Dumbbell is 2.4 light years. The distance to Little Dumbbell is 3,400 light years away and the angular size is 136.24 arc seconds. The Little Dumbbell Nebula gets its name from its similar appearance to the Dumbbell Nebula also known as NGC 6853. If you look in the center of the hour glass shape, you can see its core, that is causing the planetary nebula to appear and that it is a super hot object due to its blue color.



Right Ascension (J2000) 01:42:18.10
Declination (J2000) +51:34:16.9
Filters used B (Blue), R (Red), V (Green)
Exposure time per filter B x5 for 1.2 sec, R , V x5 for 6 sec
Date observed October 25, 2012



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