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Astr110 Photography Projects, Spring 2010

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Thor's Helmet, Eric DuBois

Thor's Helmet

This is an image of the nebula NGC 2359, or Thor's Helmet. Unfortunately the image does not contain the full scale of colors that can be captured of this nebula, but it gives you an idea. In a better picture (see: Thor's Helmet) you can see that there is two major parts to this nebula - 1) the bubble like center and 2) the 'U' shaped area. The star near to the center of this nebula, HD 56925, is the cause of this bubble shape. The star is classified as a Wolf-Rayet star, a rare type of star that is very large and very hot. The nebula is about 15,000 light years away.

The picture presented on this page shows us some of the bubble like structure of Thor's Helmet. The emerald green color of the central bubble is shown pretty well, and there is a hint of the red outer portion at the bottom of the green. The estimated angular size of the nebula is 4.563x6.097 (measured in arcminutes) and the estimated linear size is 19.897x26.586 (measured in light years).



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Right Ascension (J2000) 07:18:36
Declination (J2000) -13:12:00
Filters used blue(B), green(V), red(R), and clear(C)
Exposure time per filter 5x60 seconds in BVRC
Date observed

March 23, 2009 B
March 29, 2009 (CVR)