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ASTR 110 Photography Projects
Fall 2017

Students in ASTR 110: Planets, Stars, & Galaxies used the Calvin-Rehoboth Robotic Telescope in New Mexico for the images in this project. Each student made an observing plan, requesting up to 20 minutes of data on their target. (This could potentially be images in different colors to make a full color picture, images at one color to get a more sensitive image, or images at different positions to make a mosaic.) Once the data were taken, students performed all the calibration steps to make their final image, and wrote a description.

Below are links to the students' projects. Some students observed star clusters, others observed nebulae, and others observed galaxies. Click on any image below to see a bigger image with description and a detailed report about the astrophysics. You can then page from one full image to the next with the "Forward" and "Back" arrows at the top of the image pages.

Star Clusters
Kaitlyn DeWindt & Rachel George
Jess Hewitt & Alyssa Bingle
Kwabena Agyei Boahene & Kim Touthang Jesse Brink & Jarrod Buma
Matt De Boer & Ben Henson Sam Fraungruber
Julia Lee & Jacob Hildebrant Celeste Marshall & Rachel Vos
Christian Timmer & Calvin DeWeerd Anna Weesies & Emma McCallion
Addie Winkelman & Kafui Dake  
Andrew Alford & Kevin Jang
Noah Boelens & Andrew Fulling
Betsi Brook & Anna Newton
Simi Chundusu & Julia Verstraete
Emily Cooke & Jenny Shin
Emily Joustra & Manny Schrotenboer
Emmy Luker & John Hoffman
Jake Niewiek & Sarah Stephens
Isaac Shin & Calvin Yurko
Heather Walker & Moses Heo


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