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Astr110 Photography Projects, Fall 2006

Students in Astr110: Planets, Stars, and Galaxies used the Calvin-Rehoboth Robotic Telescope in New Mexico for the images in this project. Each student made an observing plan, requesting up to 20 minutes of data on their target. (This might be images in different colors to make a full color picture, images at one color to get a more sensitive image, or images at different exposure times to show both very bright and faint things.) Once the data were taken, students performed all the calibration steps to make their final image, and wrote a description. Below is a list of the final images. Click on any image to see the full image with description. You can also page from one full image to the next with the "Forward" and "Back" arrows at the top of the image pages.

All images are oriented with North up and East to the left.

Ambrose, M74 (Spiral Galaxy)
Avis, Dumbbell Nebula (NGC 6853, Planetary Nebula)
Buntin, NCG 1977 (Reflection Nebula)
DeBoer, M76 (Little Dumbbell, Planetary Nebula)
deLange, Bubble Nebula (NGC 7635)
Fitzpatrick, M13 (Globular Cluster)
Francis, M92 (Globular Cluster)
Gilmore, M1 (Crab Nebula, Supernova Remant)
Goodwin, NGC 6543 (Planetary Nebula)
Groenewal, Barnard's Galaxy (NGC 6822) (Irregular Galaxy)
Harkema, M81 (Bode' Galaxy, Spiral Galaxy)
Heacock, M77 (Spiral Galaxy)
Holwerda, Cocoon Nebula
Ipema, M72 (Globular Cluster)
Kamerman, M72 (Globular Cluster)
Karsten, NGC 6992 (Supernova Remnant)
Kruis, Deerlick Galaxy cluster
Maat, M8 (the Lagoon or Hourglass Nebula)
Meyaard, Cocoon Nebula
Murphy, Dumbbell Nebula (NGC 6853, Planetary Nebula)
Nondahl, M103 (Open Star Cluster)
Perez, M74 (Spiral Galaxy)
Randall, M110 (Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy)
Salazar, M74 (Spiral Galaxy)
Sanders, M1 (the Crab Nebula) (Supernova Remnant)
Schaenzle, NGC 6914 (Reflection Nebula)
Schiman, M32 (Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy)
Sneller, M76 (Little Dumbbell, Planetary Nebula)
Streng, NCG 891 (Spiral Galaxy)
Tameling, M56 (Globular Cluster)
Ubels, the Trifid Nebula
Unema, the Swan Nebula
Vander Plas, M77 (Spiral Galaxy)
Van Lopik, Stephan's Galaxy Quintet