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Other Quantum Optics Projects

Dr. Matthew Walhout

Summer Students

Funding from Calvin College, and
the National Science Foundation (Grants NSF-CCLI-0126825 and NSF-PHYS-0140135)

D.L. Miller, J.Vander Weide, C.Walker, D.A. Van Baak, and M.Walhout, "Observation and modeling of Rb excited-state level-crossing resonances in a Faraday rotation signal," in preparation.

K. Datema, J. Jadrich, and M. Walhout, "Inquiry-Based Science Courses for Advanced Students," in preparation.

2005   Kristin Datema, Lee Miller, John Vander Weide
2004   Lee Miller
2003   John Vander Weide, Chris Walker
(Supervised by Prof. D. Van Baak during Walhout's sabbatical)

Senior Research Projects

2004-2005  Elise Crull (Correlated Photons and Bell's Inequality)
2004-2005  Lee Miller (Density Matrix Computation of Faraday
2002-2003  Michael Scholten (Correlated Photons)

These projects have been developed in the context of Calvin's advanced optics curriculum. They have been supported by the NSF-CCLI Grant listed above and have benefited greatly from the valuable input and time investment of Prof. Van Baak.



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