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Research on metastable krypton atoms in a magneto-optical trap

Dr. Matthew WalhoutPhotoassociation in Krypton

Summer Students

2012 Shaun Alsum, Margeaux Carter, Jacob Lampen, Andrew Hess
2011 Josiah Sinclair
2009 Andrew Harmon
2008  Jennafer Banister, Zach Smith
2007  Ross Norman, Kathy Hoogeboom
2006  Ross Norman, Dan Vanden Akker
2005  Kristin Datema, John Vander Weide
2004  Shannon Fogwell, Andrew Vanden Heuvel, Chris Walker
2003  (Professor's Sabbatical)
2002  Andrew Vanden Heuvelkrypton equipment
2001  Sean Vander Meulen
2000  Nathan Miller
1999  Nathan Miller
1998  David Tong
1997  Jonathan Lefers, David Rupke, David Tong

Senior Research Projects

2004-2005  Shannon Fogwell (Optimizing Krypton-83 Trap) 
1999-2000   Nathan Miller (Metastable Lifetime Measurements)
1998-1999   David Tong (Magneto-Optical Trapping of Metastable Krypton)



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Funding from Calvin College, Research Corporation, and the National Science Foundation
(Grants NSF-PHYS-9876679, NSF-PHYS-0140135, and NSF-PHYS-0554807)

Recent publication:
Z.S. Smith,* A. Harmon,* J. Banister,* R. Norman,* K. Hoogeboom-Pot,* and M. Walhout, "Purely-long-range krypton molecules in singly and doubly excited binding potentials," Phys. Rev. A81, 013407 (January, 2010).