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Faculty: Larry Molnar

Larry Molnar, Professor

Larry Molnar616-526-6341
Fax: 616-526-6501
Office: Science Building 173

1734 Knollcrest Circle SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49546-4403

Areas of research


Educational background

  • PhD Harvard University, Astronomy, 1985
  • MA Harvard, University, Astronomy, 1981
  • BS University of Michigan, high honors in Astronomy, 1980
  • Junior Year in Germany Program, University of Freiburg, 1978/79

Professional history

  • Professor, Calvin College (1998-present)
  • Assistant Professor, University of Iowa (1990-1998)
  • Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Iowa (1988-1990)
  • Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics postdoctoral fellow (1985-1988)

Recent publications

Melissa J. Dykhuis*, Lawrence A. Molnar, Christopher J. Gates*, Joshua A. Gonzales*, Jared J. Huffman*, Aaron R. Maat*, Stacy L. Maat*, Matthew I. Marks*, Alyssa R. Massey-Plantinga*, Nathan D. McReynolds*, Jeremy A. Schut*, Joshua P. Stoep*, Andrew J. Stutzman*, Brandon C. Thomas*, George W. Vander Tuig*, Jess W. Vriesema*, Richard Greenberg "Efficient spin sense determination of Flora-region asteroids via the epoch method," Icarus, 267, 174-203 (2016)

Stephen M. Slivan, Lawrence A. Molnar, “Spin vectors in the Koronis family: III. (832) Karin,” Icarus, 220, 1097-1103 (2012)

Daniel J. Majaess, David Higgins, Larry A. Molnar, *Melissa J. Haegert, David J. Lane, David G. Turner, and Inga Nielsen, "New Constraints on the Asteroid 298 Baptistina, the Alleged Family Member of the K/T Impactor", Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, volume 103, pages 7-10 (February, 2009).

Lawrence A. Molnar, *Melissa J. Haegert, and *Kathleen M. Hoogeboom, "Lightcurve Analysis of an Unbiased Sample of Trojan Asteroids", The Minor Planet Bulletin, volume 35, pages 82-84 (2008 April).

Lawrence A. Molnar, *Melissa J. Haegert, *Christopher N. Beaumont, *Marjorie J. Block, *Timothy H. Brom, *Andrew R. Butler, *Peter L. Cook, *Allyson G. Green, *Joshua P. Holtrop, *Kathleen M. Hoogeboom, *Jason J. Kulisek, *Jonathan S. Lovelace, *Jeffery S. Olivero, *Achyut Shrestha, *Jessie F. Taylor, *Kenneth D. Todd, *John D. Vander Heide, and *Samuel O. Van Scoter, "Lightcurve Analysis of a Magnitude Limited Asteroid Sample", The Minor Planet Bulletin, volume 35, pages 9-12 (2008 January).

D. E. Dunn, I. Pater, L. A. Molnar, "Examining the wake structure in Saturn's rings from mircowave observations over varying ring opening angles and wavelengths" Icarus 192, 56 (December 2007).

L. A. Molnar and *M. J. Haegert, "Lightcurve analysis of five main belt asteroids at the Calvin-Rehoboth Observatory" Minor Planet Bulletin, volume 34, p. 126-128 (September 2007).

David E. Dunn, Imke de Pater, Melvyn Wright, Michiel R. Hogerheijde, Lawrence A. Molnar, " High-Quality BIMA-OVRO Images of Saturn and its Rings at 1.3 and 3 Millimeters”, Astronomical Journal, 129, 1109 (2005)

David E. Dunn, Lawrence A. Molnar, Jon T. Niehof*, Imke de Pater, and Jack J. Lissauer, "Microwave observations of Saturn's rings: anisotropy in directly transmitted and scattered saturnian thermal emission", Icarus, 171, 183-198 (2004).

D. E. Dunn, L. A. Molnar, and J. D. Fix "More microwave observations of Saturn: Modeling the Ring with at Monte Carlo Radiative Transfer Code", Icarus, volume 160, issue 1, p.132-160 (2002).


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