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Academics: Physics Education

Teaching physics

If you are interested in teaching high school physics, you may choose to pursue Physics Secondary Education Major, or pursue an Integrated Science Major wtih a Physics Secondary Education Minor (below).

Secondary education physics major

Complete at least 30 semester hours, including:

  • Physics 133, 134, 235, 246, and 306 (or higher level substitutes)
  • Two advanced theory classes: 335 and 345
  • One upper-level laboratory course: 384
  • Departmentally-approved electives to bring the total to at least 30 hours


  • Mathematics 171 (or 170), 172, 271
  • Science Education Studies 214 and 314
  • Physics 359 (also listed as Science Education Studies 359)

Secondary education physics minor


  • Science Education Studies 214 and 314


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Four-year sample plans

These plans meet the requirements for a physics secondary education major and a math secondary education minor:

Contact an advisor

Interested in teaching physics? Plan your program with Secondary Education advisor Loren Haarsma.

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