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Academics: Physics/Computer Science Group Major

Study physics and computer science

Calvin offers an interdisciplinary major program for those interested in both physics and computer science. The program allows you to gain a broad understanding of topics in physics and computer science while also requiring you to go more in-depth in one of these areas. The major also includes significant study in mathematics.

Program requirements

  • At least 38 semester hours
  • Physics 132
  • Physics 133
  • Physics 235
  • Engineering 204
  • Computer Science 106 or 108 (106 recommended)
  • Computer Science 112
  • Computer Science 214
  • One from Computer Science 212, Engineering 220 or an upper division computer science elective
  • Physics or computer science electives (to provide a minimum of 24 semester hours in either physics or computer science)


  • At least 16 semester hours
  • Mathematics 170 or 171
  • Mathematics 172
  • Mathematics 231 or 256
  • Mathematics 270 or 271


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Contact an advisor

For this interdisiplinary program, students should be advised by professors in both departments. Contact Matt Walhout, chair of physics and astronomy, and Joel Adams, chair of computer science.