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Academics: In-Depth Physics Major

Intensive program in physics

The in-depth physics major leads to a bachelor of science (BS) degree. The major includes advanced Physics theory and Mathematics courses beyond the general physics major. Students are also strongly encouraged to participate in summer research.

This program meets the requirements of a physics major and an optics minor.

Who is this program for?

The in-depth physics major is for those planning to pursue graduate study in physics and interested in a career in research and academia. It is excellent preparation for graduate school. Our students have been admitted into some of the top physics graduate programs in the country.

General Major requirements

  • Physics 132, 133, 235, 237, 246, and 306 (or higher level substitutes)
  • Two or more advanced theory courses from Physics 335, 345, 346, 365, 375, or 376
  • Two or more upper-level laboratory courses from Physics 339, 349, or 379, Astronomy 384, or Engineering 204
  • Enroll in Phys195 at least four semesters; junior and senior physics majors are expected to give presentations in this course.


  • One from Computer Science 104, 106, or 108 (106 recommended)
  • Mathematics 170 or 171
  • Mathematics 172
  • Mathematics 270 or 271 (271 recommended)
  • Mathematics 231 is also recommended

Additional course recommendations for the in-depth major

  • Upper-level theory and laboratory courses: Physics 335, 336, 345, 346, 347, 365, 375 and 376
  • Physics 395
  • Mathematics 333
  • As many as possible of Mathematics 331, 343, 355 and 365
  • Students must complete a total of at least 58 semester hours to earn the BS degree.


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Four-year sample plans

These plans meet the requirements and recommendations for the expanded in-depth physics major and include an optics minor:

Contact an advisor

Interested in a career in physics? Contact any physics professor for advice.