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Academics: Course times

Course meeting times

To assist students in planning their schedules and avoiding course conflicts, here is a list of meeting times for major-sequence courses.

  • Phys133: Every spring, multiple sections; and every fall, one lecture section (usually 10:30am MWF) and one lab section.
  • Phys134: Every spring, one lecture section (9am or 12:30pm MWF) and Thurs afternoon lab.
  • Phys235: Every fall, multiple sections.
  • Phys246: Every spring, one section of combined lecture & lab, 1:30-3:20pm MWF. Note that this time conflicts with the Engineering Senior Design course.
  • Phys306: Every spring, usually 10:30am four days a week.
  • Astr211: Alternate springs in even-numbered years, usually 12:30pm MWF plus evening lab
  • Astr212: Alternate springs in odd-numbered years, usually 12:30pm MWF plus evening lab

Upper level theory courses: These courses are offered only once every two years. Meeting times vary and can be changed to accommodate student schedules; contact the department chair if the scheduled time conflicts with another course you need.

  • Phys335 and Phys375: Odd-numbered years in the fall.
  • Phys336 and Phys376: Even-numbered years in the spring.
  • Phys345 and Phys365: Even-numbered years in the fall.
  • Phys346 and Phys347: Odd-numbered years in the spring.

Upper level lab courses: These courses are offered only once every two years. Most meet Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1:30-3:20pm, but students with a conflict at that time can easily work with the professor to arrange an alternate meeting time to do their lab work.

  • Phys380: Odd-numbered years in the fall
  • Phys384: Even-numbered years in the spring
  • Phys381: Even-numbered years in the fall. Requires enrollment in Engr204 lab.
  • Phys386: Odd-numbered years in the spring
  • Astr384: Next offered spring 2013



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