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Exploring Mars with the Curiosity Rover and its Laser

Dr. Roger Wiens, Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico
Tuesday, March 4 SB110

About Dr. Wiens:
Dr. Wiens started studying Mars when he helped his brother build a telescope at age 12. A graduate of Wheaton College, he has been building NASA instruments at Los Alamos, New Mexico since 1997. His previous project, named Genesis, was the first robotic mission to return to Earth from beyond the Moon. Although the Genesis capsule crashed in the Utah desert upon its return, its samples of solar wind were recovered, providing new discoveries about the Sun’s isotopic composition. Since 2004, the year that Genesis landed, Dr. Wiens has been developing the ChemCam instrument and then leading its operation on Mars. His adventures are described in the book, “Red Rover: Inside the Story of Robotic Space Exploration from Genesis to the Mars Rover Curiosity”, published last year.




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