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Astronomy in the Southwest Interim

Astronomy in the Southwest Interim Class

An intrepid crew of students travelled the remote corners of the American Southwest, braving all from negative predawn temperatures at the rim of the Grand Canyon to intense midday sun in Tucson, to get a hands-on perspective on astronomy. We saw innumerable stars with our unaided eyes from dark desert skies and much more with telescopes up to 4 meters in diameter. We had guided tours of the latest telescope technology and saw mirrors being fabricated for telescopes that will surpass the world’s largest in the near future. We experienced the Earth as a planet in a new way traveling across the Colorado Plateau and viewing the consequences of asteroid impacts at the Barringer Meteor Crater and the KT boundary. As our travels took us across the length and breadth of Navajoland, we also took time to become acquainted with Navajo people and experience their hospitality.  The seminar will give an overview of what we experienced and the new perspective it has given us on God’s awesome creation.





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