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Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and the Fate of the Universe

Jake Vander Plas '03 PhD candidate at the University of Washington
Friday, April 13 SB 010 (note room change)

What is the universe made of? What's happening in all of the "empty" space? Where did the universe come from and where is it going? What is the "dark matter" and "dark energy" that physicists keep talking about? I'll take you through these concepts and more as we explore our present understanding of the Universe.

Since graduating from Calvin in 2003, Jacob VanderPlas has published several papers on cutting edge research in astronomy, cosmology, and computing. He is now completing his PhD at the University of Washington, but before beginning doctoral studies spent a year teaching English in Japan and two years as a mountaineering instructor and outdoor educator in California. He also designs planetarium shows and is an expert at explaining complex topics like dark energy and gravitational lensing to the general public. After the talk, current and prospective students are invited to chat with Jake over pizza to learn more about his work, careers in physics and astronomy, and how he relates astronomy to his Christian faith.

This lecture is part of several special events for prospective students on Friday April 13. If you plan to come for the whole day, register here. If you plan to come only for the lecture, RSVP to Beth Schoone-Jongen at 616-526-6200.




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