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About Us: Seminars

Spring 2011 Seminars

Date Title (Topic) Speaker
Tuesday, February 1 Snacks at 3:30 in SB157 Seminar class at 3:45 pm  
Friday, February 4, 3:30pm
in the Christian Perspectives in Science lecture series
What Scientists Say and Why They Say It: The Linguistic Pragmatism of Quantum Physics Prof. Matt Walhout
Tuesday, February 8 Fun with Asteroid Dynamics: Binaries, Collisions, and Weathering Prof. Larry Molnar and Student Katie McKay
Tuesday, February 15 The Largest Galaxies in the Universe Students Luke Leisman and David Sebald and Prof. Deb Haarsma
Tuesday, February 22, 4:00pm The Gulf between Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity Prof. Brett Bolen, Grand Valley State University
Tuesday, March 1,
3:30-5:00pm, DeVries atrium

Reception for Prof Stan Haan and Prof David Van Baak, newly named Fellows of the American Physical Society

Thursday, March 3, 3:30pm, Meeter Center (4th floor of Hekman Library). Sponsored by the Meeter Center for Calvin Studies. Teaching Physics: 16th Century Meditations on the Nature of Evidence Anja-Silvia Goeing , University of Zurich
Tuesday, March 8 No seminar class, but still snacks at 3:30 in SB157  

Friday, March 11, 2:30pm, North Hall 078

Measuring the Magnet in the Electron Gerald Gabrielse'73, Leverett Professor of Physics at Harvard University
Tuesday, March 15 Seminar class  

Tuesday, March 22
Spring Break

No seminar or snacks  
Tuesday, March 29
Jointly sponsored by Geology
Impacts in the Earth-Moon System
Prof. Nicolle Zellner, Albion College

Tuesday, April 5

Sweetness and Light: Laser-Light Scattering of Lipid-Sugar-Water Mixtures Prof. Paul Harper, Students Rachel Boerner and Tom Wilhelm
Thursday, April 7, in SB101, 10:30 a.m. A Novel Two-Dimensional Phase Transition: the Disordering of the Knight-Move Phase Lyle Roelofs '75, Provost of Colgate University
Tuesday, April 12 Seminar class  
Tuesday, April 19 Fixing School: How Technology is Fueling a Revolution in
Prof Andrew Vanden Heuvel , Michigan Online Teacher of the Year

Tuesday, April 26
Advising Break

No seminar  
Thursday, April 28, in SB101 A new apparatus for a precise comparison of the electron and positron magnetic dipole moments Shannon Fogwell Hoogerheide '05, Harvard University Ph.D. student
Tuesday, May 3 Seminar class  

Tuesday, May 10

Adventures in Optical Heterodyne Spectroscopy Student Tom Wilhelm and Prof David Van Baak


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When: Tuesdays, 3:45-4:45 p.m. unless otherwise noted.

Where: Science Building 110 unless otherwise noted. Meet at 3:30pm in SB157 for refreshments (refreshments are available even on Tuesdays with no seminar!)

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