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About Us: Facilities

Facilities for research

Calvin students have access to state-of-the-art facilities and technology for use in various research projects, including:

  • several research laboratories and hundreds of computers, funded by external grants and the college. Examples include:
    • atom trapping system, "optical molasses" using special magnets and lasers in high vacuum--Prof. M. Walhout
    • electronic cellular microprobe system to study electical signals in cell membranes--Prof. L. Haarsma
    • sophisticated computer models of atoms in extremely intense laser fields written by Prof S. Haan
    • custom built equipment to study lipids and macromolecules--Prof. P. Harper
  • two fully-equipped observatories, one on Calvin's campus and a robotically-operated telescope in Rehoboth, New Mexico. These enable
    • studies of asteroid dynamics--Prof L. Molnar
    • studies of variable stars--Profs. S. Steenwyk and L. Molnar
  • specially-equipped student labs, including equipment developed commercially for teaching in advanced laboratory programs by Prof D. Van Baak. Examples include:
    • quantum interference with single photons
    • quantum entanglement of photon pairs
    • measuring nuclear decay and cosmic rays


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Astronomical Observatory

Check out images and data from Calvin's observatory.