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PART I: Kantian Ethics
  1. Kant and the Moral Demand
    1. Kant's Ethical Theory
    2. A Contemporary Kantian
    3. The Christian Seriousness of Kant

  2. God's Supplement
    1. Revelation
    2. Kant's Account of God's Work on our Behalf
    3. Kan't Failure

  3. Moral Faith
    1. What is the Highest God
    2. Is the Highest Good Coherent?
    3. The Idea of Self-Rewarding Morality
    4. The Highest Good in the Less Ambitious Sense
    5. The Antithesis
    6. Moral Faith
PART II: Human Limits
  1. Puffing up the Capacity
    1. Utilitarianism and the Moral Demand
    2. A Utilitarian Reply
    3. The Trouble with Optimism
    4. The Optimist's Response
    5. The Final Word

  2. Centrality
    1. The Objection
    2. The Minimalist View
    3. The Naturalist View
    4. The Rationalist View

  3. Reducing the Demand
    1. Four Feminist Objections
    2. A Fifth Objection
    3. The Moral Demand is not Reduced

  4. Substitutes for God's Assistance
    1. Social Evolution
    2. The Machinery of the Rational Bargain
    3. Evolution and the Moral Emotions
PART III: God's Assistance
  1. Repentance
    1. The Ethical Life
    2. The Religious Life

  2. Forgiveness
    1. The Burden fo the Past
    2. Undoing the Past
    3. Forgiveness and Mutuality
    4. The Offender's Position
    5. The Victim's Position

  3. God's Assistance
    1. Atonement
    2. Justification
    3. Sanctification
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