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Individuals, Groups, and Shared


  Chapter One: Introduction

Chapter Two: Groups and Shared Responsibility
  1. Groups and Moral Responsibility
  2. Groups and the Outcomes of Group Actions
  3. Degrees of Responsibility
  4. Collective Responsibility
  5. Individuals and Formal Organizations
Chapter Three: Factors Affecting Degrees of Responsibilty
  1. Motives
  2. Contributing Actions and Accompanying Circumstances
  3. Accompanying Circumstances as Indirect Factors
  4. Skeptical Considerations
Chapter Four: Ethical Dilutionism
  1. Fishkin on Group Responsibility
  2. Ethical Dilutionism
  3. Restricted Versions of Ethical Dilutionism
  4. The Reasonably Expectable Difference View
  5. Threshold Dilutionism
Chapter Five: Ethical Anti-Dilutionism
  1. Moderate Anti-Dilutionism
  2. The Influence of Other Agents
  3. Assigning Penalties
  4. Moderate Anti-Dilutionism and Omissions
  5. How Plausibble Is Moderate Anti-Dilutionism
Chapter Six: Shared Responsibility and Temporal Sequences
  1. Frey on Causal Contribution
  2. Shared Resonsibility and Causal Contribution
  3. Objections to the Threshold Equalizer
  4. Summary
Chapter Seven: Risk and Responsibility
  1. The Risk Dependency
  2. Groups and Risk Taking
  3. The Indiscernibility Thesis
  4. Examples Typifiying Ordinary Situations
  5. Conclusion
Chapter Eight: Being Fully Responsible
  1. Thesis One: An Overly Permissive Characterization
  2. Thesis Two: An Overly Restrictive Characterization
  3. Thesis Three: A Proposed Solution
  4. Consideration of Objections to Thesis Three
  5. Conclusion
Chapter Nine: Prospective Responsibility
  1. The Nature of Prospective Responsibility
  2. Groups and Prospective Responsibility
  3. Groups, Collectives, and Individual Prospective Responsibility
  4. Conclusion
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