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Table of Contents



PART ONE: Expositions

Work: Divine Prerogative or the Burden of the Beast?
The Greek Solution
The Medieval Continuation
The Renaissance Reversal
Marx: Self-Realization Through Work
Freud: Work as a Form of Self-Denial
Summary and Transition: The Promise of the Concept of Vocation

Our Work, God's Providence: The Christian Concept of Vocation
Luther: God's Providential Presence in the Work of our Hands
The Calvinist Elaboration: Work and the Organic Structure of Social Life
The Calvinist Modification: The Call to Reform Fallen Structures
Ecumenical Convergence: The Contemporary Catholic Position

PART TWO: Applications

Work, Life, and Vocational Choice: Investing Yourself in the Divine Economy
Making the Match: Career Choice
Finding the Fit: Job Placement
Changing the System: Conflict and Strategy
Balancing Commitments: Work and Vocation
Reformed Monasticism: The Work of Prayer
Summary and Transition: From Career Choice to Job Design

The Shaping of Human Work: Management Theory and Job Design
Frederick W. Taylor: The Imposition of Science and the Brutalization of Work
Elton Mayo: The Hawthorne Experiment and the Discovery of the Human Dimension of Work
Chris Argyris: Conflicts Between Organizational Structure and Human Self-Realization
Frederick Herzberg: Human Needs, Motivation and Hygiene
Douglas McGregor: Theory X, Theory Y, and Management by Integration
Peter F. Drucker: Respect for Persons, Management by Objectives, and Responsible Work
Robert Levering: The Ethics of Trust and the Politics of Fair Play in Great Workplaces
The Bottom Line: Must We Choose Between People and Profits?
Live Options for Job Design: Restoring a Sense of Vocation to Work

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