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by J. E. Hare and Carey B. Joynt

  ETHICS AND INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS A philosopher and a specialist in international relations have combined in this book to analyze some of the major issues in present-day world politics. They apply to these a coherent ethical theory which gives a central place to conscience and moral principle, and stresses the need for the careful consideration of consequences.

The treatment of issues is realist throughout, in the sense that a conscious effort has been made to deal with problems as they would actually appear to statesmen; but, contrary to the "realists", it is maintained that a combination of prudential and moral considerations has played and should play a role in policy-making.

A philosophical exposure of the internal weaknesses of the "realist" position is backed up by a historical account of some particular decisions such as the Hiroshima bombing, and a discussion of some contemporary issues such as the nuclear deterrent, disarmament, the balance of power, intervention in the affairs of other states and world hunger.

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