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A Christian Argument for Political Self-restraint, Edward Langerak
A Close Encounter with the Angel of Death, Peter Kreeft
A Conflicted Christian, Richard Mouw
A Confucian Defense of Gender Equity, Kelly James Clark
A Modest Defense of Polygamy, Richard Mouw
A Politician as a Nursing Father, Richard Mouw
A Regress Argument For Restrictive Incompatibilism, David Vander Laan
A Response To Pope John Paul II's Fides Et Ratio, Alvin Plantinga
Accessing Kant's Master Argument, Derk Pereboom
Advice To Christian Philosophers, Alvin Plantinga
Affiliated Glory
All Men are Brothers? A Chilling Prospect
An Evangelical Fasts During Ramadan, Richard Mouw
An Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism, Alvin Plantinga
Angels, Peter Kreeft
Anti-Americanism and Canadian Identity
Aquinas's Virtue of Acknowledged Dependence: A New Measure of Greatness, Rebecca DeYoung
Argument from Design, Peter Kreeft
Are Christian Beliefs Properly Basic, Keith Derose
Are Moral Qualities Response Dependent?, Terrence Cuneo
Assigning Blame in History: The Case of the Holocaust
Augustinian Christian Philosophy, Alvin Plantinga
Between Predication and Silence: Augustine On How (Not) to Speak of God, James Smith
Birkerts and the Decline of Reading
Bless You: Reflections on Benevolance and Benedictions
Book Review : Love Disconsoled: Meditations on Christian Charity by Timothy P. Jackson, Terrence Cuneo
Can It Be That it Would Have Been Even Though It Might Not Have Been?, Keith Derose
Can We be Good with God?, John Hare
Can We be Good without God?, John Hare
Can You Prove God Exists?, Peter Kreeft
Christian Philosophy at the End of the 20th Century, Alvin Plantinga
Christian Scholarship...for What?, Laura A. Smit
Christian Scholarship: Nature, Alvin Plantinga
Christian Scholarship: Need, Alvin Plantinga
Christianity and Visualism
Clinton's Debt to God, Richard Mouw
Commemorating Schilder: Have We Learned Anything Yet?
Comments on Social Science and Education Innovation, Bob Strikwerda
Conditional Assertions and "Biscuit" Conditionals, Keith Derose
Coping with our Critics, Lewis B. Smedes
Creation and Novelty
Darwin, Mind and Meaning, Alvin Plantinga
Design Theory and its Critics: Monologues Passing in the Night, Del Ratzsch
Difference, Modesty, and Sexuality
Discernment, Peter Kreeft
Divine Modeling, Counterfactuals of Freedom, and the Grounding Objection, Keith D. Wyma
Eating Alone, Richard Mouw
Evangelicals and Catholics: A New Partnership, Richard Mouw
Evolution, Neutrality, and Antecedent Probability, Alvin Plantinga
Farewell to the Rickshaw: Reflections on Autonomy and Automobiles
Fiction as a Kind of Philosophy, Kelly James Clark
Five Things Everyone Should Know about Forgiving, Lewis B. Smedes
Gambling on God, Kelly James Clark
Getting Wisdom, Edward Langerak
Giving God a Helping Hand -- and All the Glory, Too
God is Great, God is Good, Kelly James Clark
Hauled Aboard the Ark, Peter Kreeft
He Who Has an Ear: Reflections on Lecturing to the Impaired
Heaven, Peter Kreeft
Hell, Peter Kreeft
Hold Not Thy Peace at My Tears, Kelly James Clark
Hot Button Ethics: Reflections on Harassment, Imposition, and Autonomy
How Can We Know That We're Not Brains in Vats?, Keith Derose
How Does the Weakness of the Cross Make us Strong?, Peter Kreeft
I Believe in God the Father, Almighty, Kelly James Clark
In Defense of Santa's Values, Richard Mouw
Insurance Insurance: A Cartesian Dilemma
Intellectual Sophistication and Basic Belief in God, Alvin Plantinga
Is Procreation the Primary Purpose of Sex?, Douglas Shuurman
Is There an Evolutionary Foundation for Human Morality?, John Hare
Is There Sex in Heaven?, Peter Kreeft
Jobs, Jobs, Jobs
Joy, Peter Kreeft
Just Say No: Reflections on a Referendum
Lament for a Son, Nicholas Wolterstorff
Learning and Listening, Edward Langerak
Lesson One in Prayer, Peter Kreeft
LOGOS: A Journal of Thought and Culture, Rebecca DeYoung
Life is More than Work, Richard Mouw
Love, Peter Kreeft
Love Seens with New Eyes, Peter Kreeft
Making Real Decisions about Halloween, Richard Mouw
Making Room for Ahimsa
Marriage as an Honorific Estate
Meaning in Life without Free Will, Derk Pereboom
Methodological Naturalism: Part 1, Alvin Plantinga
Methodological Naturalism: Part 2, Alvin Plantinga
Mission Accomplished? Some Dangers in Past-Participle Thinking
Narrative Reticence: The Case of Henry Stob
Naturalism Defeated, Alvin Plantinga
Never Say No: Reinventing Life from a Wheelchair
New Age Thinking and Worldview Attribution
Not Done in a Corner: How to be a Sensible Evidentialist about Jesus, Steve Wykstra
Not Nobody: A Brand-Name Approach to Identity
Now You Know it, Now Your Don't, Keith Derose
On Baker's Persons and Bodies, Derk Pereboom
On Christian Scholarship, Alvin Plantinga
On Letting Chickens Strut their Stuff, Richard Mouw
On Rejecting the Theory of Common Ancestry, Alvin Plantinga
Patriotism as Idolatry, Richard Mouw
Perfect Fear Casts Out All "Luv", Peter Kreeft
Perils of Pluralism, Kelly James Clark
Philosophers Respond to Pope John Paul II, Nicholas Wolterstorff
Pick your Trenches, Richard Mouw
Please Contact Myself
Pluralism in Education and Health Care: Are There Limits to Open Mindedness?
Power Made Perfect in Weakness: Aquinas's Transformation of Courage, Rebecca DeYoung
Power Made Perfect in Weakness: Reflections on Vulnerability and the Virtue of Courage, Rebecca DeYoung
Praying in Public, Richard Mouw
Protestantism and Progress
Punishment as Public Spectacle
Raw Facts and Wilted Knowledge: An Essay in Practical Epistemology
Reason within the bounds of Religion, Nicholas Wolterstorff
Reclaiming Evangelism, Richard Mouw
Redeemer's Charter Change: Why Did It Take So Long?
Religious Diversity and Religious Tolerance, Kelly James Clark
Responding to Skepticism, Keith Derose
Return To Reason, Kelly James Clark
Review of Knowledge and its Limits by Timothy Williamson, Keith Derose
Rocks, Persons and Gods, Kelly James Clark
Rowe's Noseeum Arguments from Evil, Steve Wykstra
Simple 'Might's, Indicative Possibilities and the Open Future, Keith Derose
Source Incompatibilism and Alternative Possibilities, Derk Pereboom
Subscribers Needed
Surfing and Spirituality, Peter Kreeft
Taking and Giving Credit
The Argument from Conscience, Peter Kreeft
The Argument from Desire, Peter Kreeft
The Argument from History, Peter Kreeft
The Argument from Pascal's Wager, Peter Kreeft
The Church's Role in Social Justice, Calvin Van Reken
The Divinity of Christ, Peter Kreeft
The First Cause Argument, Peter Kreeft
The Humean Obstacle to Evidential Arguments from Suffering: On Avoiding the Evils of Appearance, Steve Wykstra
The Image of Home, Laura A. Smit
The Inscrutable God and His Detailed Law
The Kasper - Ratzinger Debate & the State of the Church, Philip Blosser
The Literature of Confession, Kelly James Clark
The Ontology of Impossible Worlds, David Vander Laan
The Principle of Incarnation, James Smith
The Problem of Evil, Peter Kreeft
The Real Meaning of Kant
The Scoffer and the Believer: Toward a Christian Philosophy of Food Selection

The Story of Ethics: Human Nature and Human Fulfullment, Kelly James Clark
          The Story of Ethics @

The Three Most Profound Ideas I have ever had, Peter Kreeft
The Truth about the Truth: Reflections on Denominational Exclusivism
The Truth is Out There -- Or is it?, Richard Mouw
The Weight of Glory, Peter Kreeft
The Word is Near You: A Feminist Conversation with Lindbeck, Amy Plantinga Pauw
Theism, Atheism, and Rationality, Alvin Plantinga
There Shall be One Law
They're Not So Wild About Harry, Richard Mouw
Thoughts, Henry Stob
Time, Peter Kreeft
Trinity or Tritheism, Kelly James Clark
Truth, Omniscience, and Cantorian Arguments, Alvin Plantinga
Twelve Ways to Know God, Peter Kreeft
Two Dozen or so Theistic Arguments, Alvin Plantinga
Two (Or More) Kinds of Scripture Scholarship, Alvin Plantinga
Voodoo Epistemology, Keith Derose
What difference does Heaven Make?, Peter Kreeft
What Is God's Answer to Human Suffering?, Peter Kreeft
What My Hands Have Done: Reflections on Agency
Whatever Happened to Samizdat?
When Faith and Reason Clash: Evolution and the Bible, Alvin Plantinga
When the Robots Rule
Where Would We Be Without Punishment?
Who Cares? Am I My Brother's Keeper?
Why Be Moral? Social Contract Theory vs. Kantian-Christian Morality, Kelly James Clark
Why Dundas Matters
Will the Boys Become Men?
Without Evidence or Argument, Kelly James Clark
Works and Worlds of Art, Nicholas Wolterstorff
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