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News and Events: Archive

Past News and Events


Professor Wykstra spoke at Notre Dame at the Plantinga Fellow Lecture on October 9, 2013.

Read about Prof. DeYoung's honor as a Character Project Character Essay winner for her chapter "Courage" in Being Good:Christian Virtues for Everyday Life.

A new book has come out by Prof. Smith Discipleship in the Present Tense: Reflections on Faith and Culture

Read about Prof. DeYoung's honor as second place winner of the C.S. Lewis Book Prize at the University of St. Thomas for her book Glittering Vices: a New Look at the Seven Deadly Sins and their Remedies.

Read Prof. Smith's recent interview in Christianity Today,
"You Can't Think Your Way to God."



Philosophy hits the streets:Learn about Prof. Hardy's research on urban cycling in Amsterdam and Denmark.

Read about 2012 philosophy graduate, Emily Pope, winner of a Fulbright to Turkey.

Read about Prof. Corcoran, recently profiled as one of the best professors in higher education in The Best 300 Professors, a book released by the Princeton Review.

Prof. Alvin Plantinga on National Public Radio discussing science vs. naturalism.


Fall of 2011 Dr. Alvin Plantinga gave a lecture, "What is Christian Philosophy?" -- listen to that lecture online (.mp3 format) here.

The Calvin College Undergraduate Philosophy Conference took place April 29-30. See photos of the event here.

Read about the Third Annual Undergraduate Philosophy Conference as featured in Calvin News.

Philosophers present in Human Origins Seminars

Prof. Alvin Plantinga on life at Calvin, the Department of Philosophy, three must-read books for any major, and more. Read more here.


Read Ruth Groenhout's recent Spark publication, "Scarce Resources and Christian Compassion."

Dr. Christina Van Dyke is Associate Editor of the new, two-volume Cambridge History of Medieval Philosophy, available now.

The second annual Calvin College Undergraduate Philosophy Conference took place April 23-24.

Congratulations to Chad McIntosh (sophomore Philosophy major).  Chad gave his paper “Theism and the Metaphysics of Meaning and Value” at the Midwest Evangelical Philosophical Society Meeting held at Bethel University on March 19-20, 2010.  His paper was the unanimous winner of the first Midwest EPS student paper competition. The competition included papers by Ph.D. students.  

Dr. Ruth Groenhout is the 2009-2010 Calvin Worldview Lecturer. Her lectures focus on "Care and Justice in Medicine." Learn more.

Read about Dr. Stephen Wykstra's 2010 January interim course, "Modal Logic."

Listen to Dr. James K. A. Smith's 2010 January Series lecture, "Desiring the Kingdom: Worship, Worldview and Cultural Formation." (Requires RealPlayer).

Professor Matt Haltemann was recently elected to the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics, a prestigious think-tank devoted to reflection on compassion toward animals.

Professor David Hoekema has written a letter to the American Philosophical Association concerning recent petitions regarding its non-discrimination policy.

An exhibit of Professor David Hoekema's photographs from Africa was exhibited at the Atrium Art Gallery of Second CRC in Grand Haven (through November 18, 2008). And check out a short video about how he's been getting to work.

Our own Profesor Ruth Groenhout was recently featured on the college's Faculty Profiles page. Check it out and learn more about our resident bioethicist and feminist quilter!

Congratulations to Professor Matt Halteman who has authored the booklet, Compassionate Eating as Care of Creation for the national Humane Society. Check it out.

Dr. Alvin Plantinga was recently interviewed by alumna Ashleigh Draft. Read the interview that touches on his philosophical career, the task of Christian philosophy, his work with philosophers in China, and thoughts about the future of philosophy.

Past Lectures

Fall 2013

Dr. Gillian Russell (Washington University)
"The Epistemology of Logic"

Spring 2013

Dr. Norman Wirzba (Duke Divinity School)
2013 Jellema LecturesThe Human Place in the World, "Idolizing Nature: The Way of Destruction" (click to listen in mp3 format) and "Seeing Creation: The Way of Love" (click to listen in mp3 format)

Dr. Gary Gutting (University of Notre Dame)
"Religion, Atheism and Agnosticism"
Keynote for the Calvin College & GVSU Undergraduate Philosophy Conference

Dr. Robin Collins (Messiah College)
"A Universe Fine-tuned for Scientific Technology and Discovery"
In cooperation with the Christian Perspectives in Science Seminar Series at Calvin College.

Dr, Eric Chwang (University of Colorado-Boulder)
"Freedom from Autonomy"

Fall 2012

Dr. Hallie Liberto (University of Connecticut)
"When Exploitation is Oppression"

Dr. Peter Railton (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)
"The Affective Dog and Its Rational Tale"

Dr. L. A. Paul (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
"Is It Rational to Choose to Have a Child?"


Spring 2012

Dr. Hans Halvorson (Princeton)
"Divine Action in a Quantum World"
Click here to listen online and here for the handout

Dr. Robert Bishop (Wheaton)
"Free Will and the Causal Closure of Physics"
Click here to listen online

Dr. Alan Love (Minnesota)
"Methodological Naturalism Reconceived (or Elided)"
Click here for the handout

Dr. Bob O'Connor (Wheaton)
"Design's Debt to Value"
Click here to listen online

Dr. Ishani Maitra (Rutgers University)
"The Sound of Silencing"

Dr. Jason Turner (University of Leeds)
"Compatibilism and the Free Will Defense"

Dr. Christina Van Dyke(Calvin College)
"The Hunger Games and Philosophy: Discipline and
the Docile Body"

Dr. Nancy Bauer (Tufts University)
"Lady Power"

Dr. Nancy Bauer (Tufts University)
"Simone de Beauvoir on Motherhood and Destiny"

Fall 2011

Dr. Alvin Plantinga (Calvin College)
"What is Christian Philosophy?"
Archive of lecture (in .mp3 audio format)

Dr. Andrew Chignell (Sage School of Philosophy, Cornell University)
"The Role of Hope in the Life of Faith"

Dr. Meghan Sullivan (University of Notre Dame)
"Change You Can Believe In (and Assert)"

Dr. Jenell Williams Paris (Messiah College)
"The Truth about Sex" (cosponsored with student life)

Spring 2011

Dr. Alvin Plantinga (Calvin College)
"A New Argument Against Materialism"
Part of the Calvin College Undergraduate Philosophy Conference.

Jellema Lecture Series
Michael Murray (John Templeton Foundation)

  • "Evolution Matters: Does Evolution Explain Religion?"
  • "Evolution Matters: Death, Predation, Extinction and . . . a Loving Creator?"

Robert Bishop (Wheaton College)
"Science and Religion: Integration or Reconciliation?"

Kristin Shrader-Frechette (University of Notre Dame)
"The Best Science Money Can Buy:  How Fossil-Fuel and Nuclear Interests Manipulate Climate-Relevant Information"

Stephen Gardiner (University of Washington)
Department of Philosophy, Program on Values in Society
"Jane Austin & Climate Policy in a Perfect Moral Storm"

Timothy Quill (University of Rochester Medical Center)
Professor of Medicine, Psychiatry, and Medical Humanities"Negotiating Death: Does Culture Matter?"

Carol J. Adams
"Anthropomorphism: The Christian Double Standard"

Fall 2010

Andrew Sepielli (University of Toronto)
"Conciliation and Rationality"

Spring 2010

Bradley Monton (University of Colorado, Boulder)
"Against Multiverse Theodicies"

Martha McCaughey(Appalachian State University)
"The Caveman Mystique: Pop-Darwinism and the Debates over Sex, Violence and Science"

Jellema Lecture Series
Jean Bethke Elshtain (Univ. of Chicago Divinity School)

  • "The Christian Critic and the Culture"
  • "Do we really Believe in the Freedom of the Church? Regnum, Sacerdotium, and Democratic Society"

Fall 2009

Mark Murphy (Georgetown University)
"Theistic Explanation of Moral Law"

Jeffrey Schloss (Biology, Westmont College; Crossan Fellow at the Center for Philosophy of Religion at Notre Dame)
"Biological Explanations of Religion: Science Set Free or Ideology Run Wild?"